An Extra Set of Eyes: Kinesio Capture

I have had the privilege of being introduced to Dave Gottfeld and Kinesio Capture over the last several months. Dave and his collaborators are Fellows of Applied Functional Science and graduates of the Gray Institute and as such are at the leading edge of movement education. Their motion-capture iPad application is being used by top-flight athletic trainers working with Olympic and professional athletes, by rehabilitation specialists and personal trainers and by teaching professionals.

I was grateful to be given a copy of KCap to play around with and think it’s going to help transform how asana is being taught, particularly when it comes to encouraging personal practitioners.

Rather than teaching ‘poses to people’, Kinesio Capture is another tool that both teachers and practitioners can use to help reveal who the practitioner is and to help us understand more about his/her current condition, including:

  1. where mobility needs to be encouraged,
  2. where (and how well) new and existing movement patterns can be controlled,
  3. whether those new movement patterns are strong enough to meet the demands of the environment they’re in,
  4. whether they have the capacity to endure for long periods of time, and
  5. to the extent that they have the stamina to effortlessly maintain a particular direction for an extended period of time, what further actions are necessary to encourage their resiliency.
Here’s a quick look at Kinesio Capture in action:

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