Anatomy of a Personalized Yoga Practice
Saturday, July 21, 1:30-4pm
Shambhala Yoga Center Beacon, NY
Contact Shannon 917-922-4157 to register. Cost is $45.

Playing with Asana
Saturday, August 4, 2:30-4:30pm
The Yoga Room     Long Island City, NY
Registration is now open. Go to Playing With Asana on The Yoga Room Workshop page.

A Yoga practice might have asana, pranayama or meditation in it – but it should also have ‘you’ at its core.  This workshop will reinforce WHY it’s so important for all practitioners, regardless of experience, to modify your practice around your body’s needs.  You will also learn close to a gazillion options for HOW you might go about doing that.  

By applying the principles of movement (which govern all movement, not just asana and pranayama), you will be ready to start deconstructing the classic postures in all three planes of motion and begin applying a variety of other tweaks that will allow you to practice even more safely and  effectively.  

“There are as many asana as there are living beings,” said Gheranda in the Gheranda Samhita to his student Chanda (before whittling down the essential ones for him).

In this workshop we’ll look beyond the familiar canon of postures to see what happens when we play in all three planes of motion and create 3-Dimensional Asana Matrices that are easy to remember and open up new avenues of exploration, innovation, rehabilitation and preparation for meditation.

If you’ve ever wondered how to intelligently adapt postures, Playing with Asana will lay the groundwork for understanding that process.


The principles of movement govern all activities in life – including
the practice of Yoga. What are these principles? And how does taking them seriously make it easier to construct personalized Yoga practices? And, even better yet, how does applying to principles of movement allow us to sidestep the debates about ‘which style of Yoga’ is best?

If you have ever wanted to develop a home practice yourself – or if you have the chance, as an instructor, to work 1-on-1 with clients, this workshop will give you a roadmap to transformative results.

We love creating collaborative workshops:

  • to develop self-guided practices;
  • to deepen existing practices; and
  • to orient personal practices towards rehabilitation, prevention or to helping you train your body-mind-spirit for specific activities.

Interested in hosting a workshop?  Please send an email to or call 347.644.YOGA (9642).

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